Mayan Stars

Richard Theisen
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Richard Theisen's latest release "Mayan Stars", blends the nuances of New Age music with the classic, soulful feel of Jazz. This unique blend makes for an engaging and always interesting selection of music. The title track sets an ethereal, ancient atmosphere; the second track of the album, “Jungle Zen,” sets immediate contrast with it’s heavier and more rhythmic sound . The rest of the album transitions through a number of moods ranging from the calm and fairy tale-like to the heavy and soulful without ever missing a beat or confusing the listener. This fascinating collection is well worth the listen for those who enjoy truly listening to their music, and for those simply seeking background ambiance.

“Listening to Mayan Stars by Richard Theisen is like taking a truly enjoyable journey. From the deepest jungles to the distant stars of Mayan mythology, everything is brought to life through Theisen’s great musical storytelling. It is without a doubt one of this year’s most colorful releases.”

BT Fasmer - New Age Music Odessey

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Mayan Stars

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